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Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Launch Due to Issues


Looks like the Galaxy Fold needs a little more time in the oven.

First impression critics and reviewers of Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy Fold, have been reporting on social media about the issues they encountered with their review units within days of receiving it.

Samsung has finally released an official announcement: the Samsung Galaxy Fold launch event is getting pushed back to “at least next month” from its original release date of April 27. According to some knowledgeable sources on the Wall Street Journal, the decision was brought about by all of the criticisms the new phone received just days after review units were sent out.

The reviewers, which consisted of several high profile tech sites and personalities, took to social media to complain about how unbelievably faulty Samsung’s $1,980 flagship device is. The complaints included broken LCDs, blacked-out screens, and damaged portions of the folding part of the Galaxy Fold.

Although the company hasn’t responded to individual statement requests yet, Samsung has already canceled launch events in Hong Kong and Shanghai this weekend. There are no new updates yet regarding the rescheduled dates, but considering how expensive and hyped-up the Galaxy Fold is, delaying its launch does seem like the best option for the Korean smartphone maker, at least for now.