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‘Pokemon Rumble Rush’ Releases on Google Play

Image Credit: IGN

If Pokemon become any more small and marketable, we’re going to cause some kind of singularity.

Even after more than two decades since it was first released, Pokemon has never lost its charm on the masses. Regardless of how many games Nintendo and Game Freak keep churning out year after year, fans still keep eagerly awaiting for the next one.

And speaking of the next Pokemon game, Pokemon Rumble Rush released the other day as the latest mobile game based on the cute and cuddly yet ultra powerful critters. This time, it’s a spin-off of, well, another spin-off, Pokemon Rumble, originally released on the Wii.

Currently, Pokemon Rumble Rush is only available on the Australian Google Play Store, but the game’s own information page states that it will eventually be available on Apple’s App Store and the global Google Play Store. However, there are no details yet as to when the game is getting released.

If you’re interested in other Pokemon games for smartphones, you have quite a few options to choose from, such as Pokemon Duel, Pokemon Quest, Pokemon Magikarp Jump, and of course, the very popular Pokemon Go. There’s also news that Nintendo is partnering up with mobile video game company DeNA to create yet another mobile Pokemon game to be released later this year.