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‘Fortnite’ Brings Back Drum Gun, Some Players Not Happy


The ol’ Chicago Typewriter. Nyeh, see?

With over 250 million players as of March 2019, it’s certainly harder, if not downright impossible, to please everyone who plays Fortnite.

Epic Games featured a voting system earlier this week where anyone could choose out of six options which previously available item they’d like to bring back into the game. Based on the results, the chosen item was the Drum Gun, an item that was originally shelved since many people believed that it was overpowered and must be nerfed.

Unsurprisingly, many other players were dismayed at the outcome of the voting event. “(The) drum gun sucks, primarily because it compromises practiced building tactics by utterly dissolving them,” PC Gamer says. “It gives the average player, which might be a 12 year old that doesn’t know how to build at all or me, a tool of destruction, the ability to muck up any player’s day regardless of their skill level.”

A prominent Fortnite streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, ranted about the voting’s turnout. “Allowing us to unvault one of the guns in the game – I think it was an incredible idea, I love it a lot,” he prefaces. “But dude, something needs to happen. The Drum Gun needs like a rarity buff, like it needs to be gold.”

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, another Fortnite Streamer, tweets, “Goodnight to everyone except for the kids who voted for the Drum Gun to be unvaulted.”