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‘Apex Legends’ Crash Reveals Hidden Lobby

Players have discovered a hidden lobby in Apex Legends after an accidental crash during the pre-game stage of a match.

Like many other games of the same genre, a match in Apex Legends starts off with character selection, in order to determine which Legend they would be using. Before this stage though, there are a few seconds allotted to load all the game’s resources.

Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, a Redditor discovered a hidden lobby when their game crashed during this loading stage. They uploaded a video of the weird occurrence on the social aggregate site, Reddit, which you can see for yourself in the video above.

What’s super cool about this hidden lobby is that it actually makes a lot of sense, considering what can already be seen in the actual non-crashing game. The sounds that are accompanied by the graphics in the pre-game lobby match with the ones that the players actually hear, even if they didn’t use to know where the sounds are coming from.

Although the crash does result in something pretty cool, admittedly, Respawn Entertainment has already promised to fix these issues in one of their future patches.