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Amazon Go Cashless Stores Coming Soon
By Karli Wallace Posted in Emerging Tech, News on May 15, 2018

San Francisco and Chicago will be the upcoming Amazon Go grocery store locations. The news of this development was discovered through Amazon job listing for store managers in the San Francisco and Chicago area, with Amazon hinting that they were looking for retail space in these areas earlier this year.

There is currently one Amazon Go store in first floor of Seattle headquarters that opened to the public in January and customers can use the Amazon Go app to pay. The store operates through using motion censors and photo recognition tools to track customers, charging customers accounts for the items they picked up when they leave the store.

This has been an expected expansion since Amazon acquired Whole Foods, to have their current locations serve as future Amazon Go grocery locations. The store will require people to work positions such as security, store management, preparing ready-to-eat meals, and stocking shelves.

The Seattle location of Amazon Go has different branding than Whole Foods, but maintains to carry the signature Whole Food’s 365 brand. There are reports that by the end of 2018 there will be four additional cities with Amazon Go stores.

It was unknown whether the first Amazon book store would see success, now there are 15 across the U.S. with three more locations to come. If the Amazon Go can have success like the book store, there no telling which cities will be the future Amazon Go locations.

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