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You Can Now Send Anyone A Direct Message On Twitter

Twitter has enabled an old feature that lets anyone to send you a direct message, even if you don’t follow them. Twitter announced on Monday that all users will now the option to be able to receive direct messages from any other user. The setting was originally introduced in fall 2013 but only rolled out […]

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10 Travel Apps to Download to Your Apple Watch

The latest game-changing tech toy from the wizards at Apple Inc. has finally arrived, and with it are several travel-friendly Apple Watch apps promising to do everything from unlock a hotel room to open a garage door remotely from the other side of the world.

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Hey, Teens: Back in Our Day, Video Games Were Actually Hard

  Kids today have things so easy. A group of teenagers found out just how tough games used to be when The Fine Bros. asked them to play the original Mega Man for its Teens React series. Mega Man, released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, had a reputation of being tough. Players generally […]

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Dash Button Shows Amazon Is Going After Grocers

  Dash Button enables you to order regular household items with the push of a button, yet another play by Amazon to grab everyday customers.

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