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OpenAI Partners with G42 for AI Advancement in the Middle East

Open AI

Credit: Unsplash

Joining Forces to Propel Artificial Intelligence Adoption in the UAE and Beyond

OpenAI, the visionary creator of innovative artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT, has joined forces with G42, the renowned Abu Dhabi-based technology conglomerate. This collaboration aims to foster artificial intelligence adoption in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and various Middle Eastern markets.

G42, founded by the emirate of Abu Dhabi, is set to leverage OpenAI’s generative AI models across diverse sectors, including financial services, energy, healthcare, and public services. The partnership is a significant step towards advancing technology and AI adoption in the region.

While the financial terms of this partnership were not disclosed, it is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at bolstering the UAE’s technology industry. OpenAI and G42 intend to work together to harness AI’s potential, offering tailored solutions that align with the specific needs of the Middle East.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, expressed the organization’s commitment to empowering businesses and communities in the region. “Leveraging G42’s industry expertise, we aim to empower businesses and communities with effective solutions that resonate with the nuances of the region,” said Altman.

G42, under the leadership of its influential national security adviser, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has been at the forefront of AI adoption in the UAE. The company’s initiatives include the development of the world’s largest supercomputer for AI training, in collaboration with Cerebras Systems Inc. Furthermore, the Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) has made its Falcom 40B large language model (LLM) open source for research and commercial use, reinforcing the commitment to AI advancement.

G42 also announced its intention to utilize Microsoft’s Azure data centers as part of its AI infrastructure, thereby enhancing regional AI adoption. This partnership between OpenAI and G42 is poised to make substantial contributions to the AI landscape in the UAE and the Middle East.

The collaboration is seen as a convergence of value and vision, and both organizations are eager to embark on this transformative journey. Further information and financial details of the collaboration are not disclosed in the announcement.

OpenAI, known for its AI innovations and developments, continues to demonstrate the potential of AI and is committed to expanding its impact on the global stage. OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, acknowledged the importance of the UAE in the AI industry during his visit to Abu Dhabi in June. He lauded the government for being an early adopter in the field, reinforcing the country’s significance in the world of artificial intelligence.