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Meta Quest Gets a Boost with v53: Hassle-Free App Updates and More!

Meta Quest

Credit: Unsplash

Update Your Meta Quest Apps Effortlessly: The Latest v53 Update Does it All!

Meta Quest, the popular VR headset, is receiving a new software update to bring in new features, including support for 6GHz Wi-Fi, a Parental Supervision tool, and Avatar improvements. Among these new features, the v53 update will enable Meta Quest to download app updates even when the device is not in use. This means you can plug in your headset and go about your business while it updates your apps, saving you valuable time when you want to use your device.

Meta has also introduced a new Parental Supervision tool that allows users to manage their teens’ access to websites with mature content. With the “Meta Quest Website Category Filter,” parents and guardians can easily restrict access to inappropriate websites, making the device safer for families.

In addition to these updates, the v53 update has moved advanced camera settings for gameplay capture to the main Camera Settings menu, making it easier for users to adjust their gameplay settings. The update also lets users log into Twitch and adds support for Wi-Fi 6E for the Meta Quest Pro.

According to Meta, the v53 update will be rolled out “soon,” Users can expect to enjoy these new features in the coming weeks. The new update brings welcome changes to the Meta Quest platform, making it more user-friendly, safer, and time-efficient for all users.