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Mark Zuckerberg Opposed Banning Plastic Surgery Filters


Credit: Unsplash

Unveiling a lawsuit by 30+ US states, exposing Meta’s decisions on filters and child safety – a critical examination of social media’s impact on young users.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has unveiled disturbing revelations in a lawsuit involving over 30 US states against Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. The largely unredacted lawsuit, filed in federal court in Oakland last month, alleges misconduct related to filters, the number of underage users, and potential misrepresentation of platform safety.

The lawsuit exposes that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg vetoed a proposal to ban filters simulating plastic surgery effects, despite concerns about their impact on the mental health of young girls. Internal memos revealed consultations with experts on the filters’ potential link to body dysmorphia and eating disorders, particularly among teenage girls. The unredacted complaint claims that Zuckerberg dismissed these concerns as ‘paternalistic.’

Furthermore, the suit accuses Meta of actively pursuing young users on its platforms and neglecting strategies to limit use by children under 13, citing potential harm to business. Allegations include a backlog of 2-2.5 million under-13 accounts awaiting action, with Meta collecting data from these accounts until verification.

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