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Fortnite and Lego Collaboration: New Minifig Skins Coming Soon


Credit: Unsplash

Epic Games and Lego Join Forces for an Exciting Fortnite Adventure – Unveiling on December 7!

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Epic Games, the creators of the iconic Fortnite, have teamed up with Lego to introduce a brand-new Lego-themed survival crafting mode for Fortnite, coinciding with the launch of Fortnite’s fifth chapter on December 7.

This Lego Fortnite collaboration promises an immersive and innovative experience, merging the creativity of Lego with the dynamic world of Fortnite. While details about the Lego Fortnite mode are currently limited, anticipation is building as the Lego website describes it as “the ultimate survival crafting adventure.” Speculation suggests that the Lego Fortnite experience might be seamlessly integrated into the Fortnite launcher.

One standout feature of this collaboration is the introduction of special Lego Fortnite skins, featuring full-fledged minifig caricatures of over 1,200 existing Fortnite skins. These Lego skins offer a delightful twist on familiar Fortnite characters, providing players with a unique and playful visual experience. Epic’s art team has showcased their creativity by reinterpreting these skins into the beloved minifig form, bringing a fresh and exciting dimension to the Fortnite universe.

While players can already preview the minifig versions of skins in-game, it’s noteworthy that these Lego-themed characters are not usable in Fortnite’s battle royale mode. However, the Lego FAQ promises more details about the game and its features upon its official launch on December 7.

Considering the popularity of Fortnite skins, the collaboration also hints at a potential physical Lego set tie-in, sparking excitement among fans and collectors alike.

Epic Games, known for continually evolving the Fortnite experience, has stated that the Lego skins will undergo revisions and receive added details over time, ensuring a dynamic and evolving collaboration that keeps players engaged.

As the launch date approaches, Fortnite enthusiasts and Lego fans alike eagerly await the unveiling of this innovative Lego-themed adventure within the Fortnite universe.