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Enshrouded: The New Action RPG That Combines Valheim and Zelda for a Unique Gaming Experience


Credit: Unsplash

Get ready for a unique gaming experience with Enshrouded, the promising new action RPG from Keen Games inspired by Valheim and Zelda.

Enshrouded the latest action-RPG game from Keen Games GmbH, the makers of Portal Knights is set to launch this year with support for up to 16-player online co-op. Inspired by two popular games, Valheim and The Legend of Zelda, Enshrouded combines survival gameplay with an open-world exploration adventure.

The game follows the player’s responsibility to keep their character alive by gathering materials, crafting weapons and armor, and finding a safe place to camp. Enshrouded also features an in-depth skill tree that allows players to gain new abilities and powers. The combat mechanics are more similar to Zelda games than Valheim, and players can also use paragliding skills to survey the world from the skies, similar to Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

However, Enshrouded is not simply a mash-up of existing ideas. The game takes place in Embervale, partially covered by a deadly fog, and the only safe parts are on the mountaintops. Players must venture beneath the fog to traverse the map, collect loot, and occasionally rescue NPCs, but they can only survive there for so long before they need to re-emerge.

Enshrouded’s unique and intriguing features make it a promising new indie game, but it remains to be seen if it can stand out from the crowd of ‘X game meets X game’ releases we see all the time. Fans of Valheim and The Legend of Zelda should keep an eye out for Enshrouded’s launch in Early Access sometime this year.