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Apple has Pulled the Plug on the Apple Car


Credit: Unsplash

Why is Apple Giving Up on the “Apple Car”

After over a decade of anticipation, rumors, and strategic shifts, Apple has reportedly pulled the plug on its long-anticipated automotive endeavor, known internally as “Project Titan.” Employees were informed of this decision recently, with the project being discontinued and focus redirected towards generative AI, as reported by Bloomberg and further analyzed by TechCrunch, which notes that layoffs are expected.

The failure of the Apple Car comes as a poignant reminder of a critical fact in the automotive industry: any technology company looking to penetrate this space inevitably requires a manufacturing partner. Apple’s journey with electric and autonomous vehicles, once surrounded by hype, now concludes in disappointment. With this decision, Apple’s focus shifts from hardware to software, marking a notable pivot in its strategic vision.

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