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Google Chrome: The Best Browser Ever?

Google Chrome is the one browser that does everything you need to, and in a very short while too. You might have used Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or any of the other browsers available today, but if you have used Chrome, there is no chance you will want to return back to any of them. Google Chrome made its debut in 2008 and today it is the most loved browsers of all. If you don’t believe me then you should try out chrome yourself. Although, before you do that, go through some of these awesome features that chrome has.

Fastest Browser

Among all others, the one reason why chrome has become so loved is because it gives you results instantly. Unlike other browsers, you do not have to wait for seconds for your website to load as it does all of this instantly. Moreover, with chrome you always have a running video and application without any kind of lag.

Web store

Now, you don’t need to depend on mobile platforms to offer you cool applications because chrome has one of its own. The chrome web store is a place where you can download anything you like. The store is filled with games, multimedia apps, wallpapers, themes and so much more. So, next time you are bored and have nothing to do, just go to this store and try out the different apps available.

Simplest of them all

Like mobile phones and operating systems, people love anything and everything that is simple and straight forward, and that is what Google Chrome is. It has an easy interface which doesn’t take a lot of understanding on the part of the user. Perhaps the greatest things about this browser is that it doesn’t have a menu bar or toolbar and just one wrench tab which has everything you need.

Hidden Features

There are probably thousands or millions of people using chrome, but a very few of them know of the pin tab feature in the browser. A simple method to discover this feature is by right clicking any tab. Once you right click, you will see multiple options like re-open closed tab, pin tab, close all tabs, bookmark all tabs, duplicate, close other tabs some other options as well. The pin tab is used when you want to view your website the next time you open the browser. You can pin multiple web pages at a time and this means you will not have to bookmark.

Syncing options

Now, with chrome, you do not have to worry about losing your bookmarks, passwords and extensions. With this syncing feature, you won’t have to worry about starting all over if you are using another desktop besides your own. With chrome, you will easily be able to sync passwords and bookmarks so that they are available to you even when you are logged on from another PC.

Sandboxing Technology

Google Chrome is not just the fastest but also the securest browsers there is. The internet is a lot of things and one of those is dangerous and risky. Every time you log on or download a software or content of any other kind, you are putting yourself at risk. There are thousands of viruses and malicious malware that can harm you and your data in a way you never knew. But with chrome’s sandboxing technology, you won’t have to worry. In plain words, this special technology of chrome’s is able to detect a virus and stop it from spreading. It deals with each individual tab separately and this means that if you have encountered something in one tab, the sandboxing technology is going to prevent it from harming the other tabs that are running.

These are only some of the most prominent features that differentiate chrome from the rest of the browsers. There are a lot of other reasons why you need to make chrome your default browser right now.