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Top Spring Tech Picks To Simplify Your Life

Spring has finally sprung! With that being said, we have some top tech picks for you that will simplify your life just in time for the new season:

Screen Protector
Okay, let’s face it. Everyone has broken their phone screens at one point or another…..and if you haven’t, chances are you will at some point. It’s of course frustrating, especially because you may have had a case on your phone, but it hit the sweet spot and shattered the screen anyway. Not to mention when it does break you have to pay a pretty penny to get it fixed. However, if you head to a local ‘Batteries + Bulbs’ store they may have a ‘We Fix It’ repair shop in the back!! This will be a life saver as you can get your phone fixed at a reasonable cost and you can prepare ahead of time and get a screen protector!

Vivint Smart Home
Want a smart home, but your not that handy? We have a solution for you! At Vivint they will customize a smart home system for you including a doorbell, security cameras, smart locks, thermostats, motion sensors and so much more! The best part? You can control all of these from your app AND its compatible with Amazons Alexa and Google Home.

Gro – Smart Lawn
Once you have a smart home you are going to want a smart lawn to go along with it! It controls in-ground irrigation using real-time local weather data. It will automatically tailor irrigation to fit your lawns specific needs. You can manage the watering schedule with the pro connect app and you can even use voice controlled Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control the irrigation process as well.