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Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Credit: LYFE

Advertising… of the FUTURE! (future… future…)

Social media has become the ultimate platform to showcase your ideas or even show off the branding of your company. And the best part is, it’s free advertising! Who would want to pass up on that? But just because it is free doesn’t mean it comes without risks. There are a few things you should make sure you avoid the next time you plan on posting something important on social media.


Be strategic in the posts that you decide to share with others. If you post something almost every day that isn’t really relevant, people will be turned off by looking at your account. Anything that is forced will feel fake and unauthentic. When low-quality content is posted, you begin to lose credibility with your customer engagements. Each post needs to have an intentional purpose.

Don’t Oversell

Customers will quickly become annoyed if they feel as though you are constantly promoting and selling to them. Build a relationship with your audience and develop trust. If your customers trust your message and your brand, your company will thrive. Allow them to see the human side of the brand. Provide them with opportunities to get to know you and the people behind your company, and be sure to give the customers what they want. If you immediately start asking for things before giving, your social media presence will not last long.

Be Consistent

By being consistent, this does not mean that you need to just post the same content over and over again. Own your own brand. Don’t try to copy what other companies are doing. Be consistent with your brand mission, look and feel, and maintain a common tone of voice throughout your posts. It is important that customers know what to expect from you and that you don’t go off the grid with some of your postings.

Being relevant on social media can be a major boost to your brand credibility, but the three ideas listed above can easily be overlooked when making posts. Trust in your brand and your marketing. Develop a relationship with your customers and develop content that you know will be pleasing to them. They are your customers and you should get to know them as much as they get to know you.