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Samsung’s Next Plans Have Been Revealed


The Galaxy Fold isn’t even out of the oven yet, and they’re already thinking of new things.

Samsung may have decided to delay the release of its much-anticipated Galaxy Fold, but it appears that this South Korean tech company still isn’t done making innovations in the mobile tech industry.

The company has been revealed to have secured patent approval regarding a new kind of phone “screen,” if we can even call it that. This new screen will consist of a wrap-around phone display, spanning the entire front, back, and even top of the device. A diagram on the patent file shows that messages can be displayed at the top part of the screen, which can be found at the top side of the phone. Samsung describes this new innovation as a “multi-face display.”

According to the patent, this new innovation will have plenty of uses. One would be in taking photos. The viewfinder will now be mirrored on the other side of the device, which makes it easier to take good photos. Selfies are another thing. With the screen at the back, users can now take high-quality selfies using the main camera instead of the lower resolution front camera.

The second example would be translations. One person could speak into one side of the phone, and the person on the other side will immediately see the translation from their side of the screen. Though it’s not much of a hassle to just pass the phone between two people as we do these days, this could potentially speed things up quite a bit in the future.

The patent was apparently first spotted by Dutch website Lets Go Digital. The website says that while Samsung submitted the patent way back in 2016, it was only approved and published on April 25 by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).