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Parents Expected to Spend More on Back to School Gadgets Than Computers

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

More and more kids will be heading back to school with a smartphone or a tablet to use.

Americans are expected to spend $3.6 billion on gadgets this year, $800 million more than last year. Between being on their phone or checking their smart watches, you will be hard pressed to find a school where you don’t see students fully engaged in electronics walking down the hallway.

Factoring into these increased costs is data plans. With kids spending almost a full day on their phones, parents have had to make adjustments to their data plans to find what works best financially for their family. Phone companies are able to work with families to create a plan that works best for all.

Schools are benefiting from this electronic increase. Many schools can simply ask students to take out their smartphones or their tablets to complete a lesson plan. It is saving schools some money in having to purchase more and more devices to keep up with the times. It is the parents that are helping to supply the updated electronic media presence.

Kids that don’t have smartphones are typically picked on because they are not keeping up with the times. Parents, obviously, don’t want their kids to feel left out, so the chances of meeting a kid who doesn’t own a smartphone is slim to none. In addition to that, computers tend to be slow, and with the attention spans of kids becoming lower and lower, having a smartphone or tablet allows them to research their information in a much quicker fashion.

Although you’ll never see a teacher put a smartphone on their school supply list (not yet, anyway), they know that they can ask for students to take out their phones at any moment.