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New NVIDIA Graphics Card Could Cost a Pretty Penny

Credit: Wccftech

How much is all that memory worth to you?

I’m not especially snobby when it comes to graphics, but I can read the writing on the wall: NVIDIA’s RTX cards can produce some pretty gosh darn impressive visuals. My rig’s RTX 2070 can produce some stunning fidelity when I really open her up. Of course, I’m pretty content with what I have, but if you’re not satisfied with basic ray-tracing, then you’ve probably already got your eye on NVIDIA’s next big development. Just be aware that if you are, you may have to shell out for it. Like, a lot.

Rumors have begun circulating that NVIDIA’s next consumer-grade GPU, the NVIDIA Ampere, could cost you anywhere from $1,399 to a whoa-inducing $2,000. The basis for this rumor is an alleged internal memo from NVIDIA indicating that the Ampere will have a market price of ¥1,3999 in Chinese yuan. At current exchange rates, that’s approximately $2,000 USD.

Credit: Amazon

To put that in perspective, NVIDIA’s highest level consumer graphics card, the Titan RTX, costs $2,499. The Titan is probably the most overkill card out there right now, able to run any game at 8K with little-to-no difficulty. It’s more intended for content creators than casual gaming, though it’s still at consumer grade compared to professional grade GPUs. According to additional rumors, the Ampere will have GDDR6X memory somewhere in the range of 12 GB to 24 GB. A Titan RTX has 24 GB, which means, assuming these rumors are true, the Ampere will essentially be a diet Titan card.

NVIDIA has an event planned for September 1, where it’ll formally unveil its new cards. If these rumors prove to be accurate, well, you’re gonna have to do some book-balancing. On one hand, that much muscle could probably set you for the next decade of PC gaming, at least. On the other hand, my current computer cost less than that single card. Food for thought.