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NASA Could Set Up New Colony On Moon

Image Credit: ESA via AFP/Getty Images

It ain’t made of cheese, but we could probably make it work regardless.

NASA is planning to go back to the Moon pretty soon. For this reason, the space agency is already preparing a new flight mission that will allow humans to set up a new colony on our natural satellite.

Currently, NASA is still looking for suitable sites for the planned 2024 mission. The agency teamed up with the Lunar and Planetary Institute to research about possible locations. 14 maps of various areas on the Moon’s South Pole, specifically chosen for their ‘unique’ quality, have been assembled at the moment.

The unique quality that NASA and LPI are talking about? Direct exposure to sunlight. Unlike other places on the Moon, these crater-filled areas are known to always have the sun shining down on them. This means that humans could set up solar panels on these sites in order to generate electricity for the future colony.

Other than this, the shaded parts of the crater are also believed to contain some amounts of ice, which humans on the Moon could use to create potable water for drinking.