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Microsoft Producing ‘Space Jam’ Game with Help From Fans

Credit: Unsplash

As long as it has Bugs and LeBron, it can be a Space Jam game.

It is still absolutely mind-blowing to me that we’re actually getting a sequel to Space Jam. I never thought it would happen; in almost any other timeline, it probably wouldn’t have, but I guess that’s just a sign of how wild the times are (not that I’m complaining). Since Space Jam is such a big property, it makes sense that there would be some kind of tie-in video game, but since the tie-in game for the original movie was kind of… terrible, they decided it might be wise to get some external input this time.

Microsoft, in partnership with the producers of Space Jam: A New Legacy, have begun a new contest to create an arcade style tie-in game for the new film. On the contest page, Microsoft has provided a slew of hypothetical screenshots for different potential Space Jam games covering just about any genre you can think of. Shooters, strategy games, sports games (obviously), brawlers, rhythm games, and a whole lot more. To enter, you just have to select one of those screenshots, then write out a summary of 500 words or less on how you would design the game. Oh, and you have to be 14 or older to enter.

Two winners will have their ideas realized as an honest-to-goodness Space Jam video game to be made available on Xbox Games Pass next year. In addition, the winners will receive a swanky prize bundle, including having their names in the game, autographed LeBron James memorabilia, a personalized Xbox Series S, a Space Jam-themed gift pack from Nike, and a private screening of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The contest runs from December 14 to December 30. If you need some inspiration, Microsoft is also running a series of Space Jam-themed game design workshops using the film’s story and characters as a framework.