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Ethiopian Government Boosts Digitalization Efforts

Meeting Room

Credit: Unsplash

The Ethiopian government has taken another step towards digitalization by launching five smart communication rooms built at a cost of $798,000 by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. The rooms are designed to improve operational efficiency by enabling employees of federal institutions to hold meetings, receive training, and exchange ideas from anywhere, all while reducing the cost of the government.

Innovation and Technology State Minister Huria Ali, Education State Minister Samuel Kifle, and other officials from federal institutions inaugurated the smart communication rooms. The rooms will be available to ministers of Innovation and Technology, Education, and Finance, as well as the Ethiopian Communication Authority and the National Identity Office.

The launch of these smart communication rooms is part of a larger initiative by the Ethiopian government to digitize services in all institutions. State Minister Huria Ali pointed out that the development of such smart communication rooms will enable institutions to establish fast and efficient communication with other institutions, ultimately reducing the cost of the government.

Education State Minister Samuel Kifle explained that using smart communication rooms will save the government working hours, help monitor the progress of the works carried out by institutions, and discuss issues with employees.

The first five of twenty smart communication rooms will be built in eleven regions, two city administrations, and seven federal institutions. The government’s commitment to digitization is expected to enhance the efficiency and transparency of government services, ultimately leading to greater economic development in the country.