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Apple Allegedly Ready to Develop AirTag 2

Credit: Unsplash

If strong sales maintain, Apple may create a follow-up.

Since releasing last year, the Apple AirTag tracker has established itself as a solid member of the Apple product lineup. While the device has been hit with multiple concerns and controversies over its usage in illegal activities, it is still a convenient and user-friendly tracking tool, which is why Apple is still securing a tidy profit on them. According to a new rumor, if sales continue on this positive trend, Apple may begin development on the next generation of tracker.

According to accredited Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is keeping a close eye on the current sales numbers for AirTags to gauge whether it’s time to pull the trigger on a follow-up. “AirTag, which has not received much attention, has gradually grown in shipments since its release,” Kuo wrote on his Twitter. “Shipment estimations of AirTag reach about 20 mn & 35 mn units in 2021 & 2022, respectively. If AirTag shipments continue to grow, I believe Apple will develop the 2nd generation.”

Admittedly, it’s not immediately apparent what kind of major overhauls Apple could make to the AirTag paradigm that would warrant an entirely new device over a mere firmware update, but if it became clear that people wanted a new one, they’d surely think of something. Their user-friendly nature and intuitive connection with other Apple-branded devices like iPhones and Apple Watches have given them a steady customer base with Apple fans. Even outside of their target audience, new apps that allow other devices to connect to and track AirTags have given Apple some additional leeway into the market.