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Zozosuits From Zozotown
By Josh Harlow Posted in Emerging Tech, News, Science on July 5, 2018

Not up-to-date on online Japanese retail shopping? Well let me fill you in really quick. Japan’s fashion market is worth 120 billion dollars. They’re also one of the most advanced technological countries on our planet. So when those two things collide, something amazing is bound to be produced.

A company called Zozotown has been headlining the e-commerce fashion world of Japan for almost 15 years. Now, they’re taking their tech to the next level with the distribution of their Zozosuit. This tight-fitting bodysuit with sensors will send your exact dimensions to the company via the company’s website. When you upload your stats, you are guaranteed perfectly fitting clothing delivered to your door.

Zozotown’s CEO said “The time where people adapt to clothing is over, this is a new era where clothes adapt to people.” While the fashion line that coexists with this technology is limited for now with simple shirts and jeans, while looking to expand fast with suits and formal shirts debuting this week.

By the end of July, a million Zozosuits will be shipped out, with 40% of the expected audience of this clothing line to be from abroad. Now, technology revolutions and fashion revolutions will truly coexist, as something great emerges on the horizon.

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