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You Might be Able to Connect ‘Pokemon Go’ with ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’

Image Credit: Game Rant

From phone to Switch and back again.

Rumor has it that Niantic’s hit mobile game, Pokémon Go, and Game Freak’s upcoming Switch exclusive, Pokémon Sword and Shield, may actually support some form of compatibility, at least according to a report from a well-known dataminer in this part of town.

Pokémon dataminer @Chrales posted his discovery on Twitter, after connecting the latest update of the Pokémon mobile game to the upcoming Sword & Shield. Based on his findings, a string name entitled “koala_settings” is actually referring to a separate app, which could very well be the new Switch game. It may seem like a stretch, but the “koala” name does go in line with Game Freak’s habit of coding each new game with animal names or nature-related names.

Another Twitter user, @CentroPokemon, revealed some of the past codenames used by Game Freak to hide their upcoming games from the public eye.

The tweet roughly translates to, “Key names of Pokémon games if today’s filtering is correct: B2W2: Swan; XY: Kujira (‘whale’); ORAS: Sango (‘coral’); SM: Niji (‘rainbow’); USUM: Momiji (‘autumn’); Switch: Beluga. All related to nature.”