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You Can Now Choose Between Car And Public Transportation On Uber

Uber has announced that users of their service will soon be able to choose between public transportation and private cars in its current available roster.

The new additions will include trains, light rails, ferries, trams, buses, and subways, at least in the US. Denver will be the first to be able to pick this newest option, as it was the Denver-based Regional Transportation District with whom Uber partnered up for this new introductory feature.

Users will also be able to check which is the most time-saving option on Uber, coupled with several other factors like whether or not the traffic is heavy in the road ahead. The users will see a quote of both the ETA and price for every single option on Uber to help them further compare.

The app also hopes to implement a way for users to buy public transportation tickets, allowing users to pre-buy tickets in the comforts of their own home instead of having to line up every single day. The ride-sharing company promises that the tickets will be the same price as buying them in person, of course.

The new feature will be slowly rolled out this year to the US before being released globally.