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Wireless Technology Will Be Available in Ford Cars by 2022
By Jean Santiago Posted in Emerging Tech, News on January 11, 2019

It seems like 2022 is going to be an exciting time for car owners in the United States. According to Business Insider, Ford Motor Co. announced on Monday its plans of including wireless technology in its newer vehicle models that will be released in the United States from 2022 onwards.

The new technology is called C-V2X, also known as cellular vehicle-to-everything. The system will be used to establish direct communication between connected devices, augmenting sensors already existing in self-driving cars. With the current system, vehicles make use of radars and cameras to describe its immediate environment. With the C-V2X, everything would be made more comprehensive for the vehicle.

Don Butler, the executive director for Ford’s connected vehicle platform, said, “C-V2X could complement these systems in ways similar to how our sense of hearing complements our vision.” In addition to this, Ford has also said that “the new technology will help cars to quickly send and receive information about their surrounding environment, helping drivers know what’s ahead of them before they can encounter it.” Another perk to having cars that can communicate is easier navigation of four-way stops. With this new technology, there’s no more need to anticipate what the other driver is planning to do–the cars themselves will be able to figure out who has the right of way.

Ford predicts to launch the sale of self-driving vehicles by 2021, once the new vehicle architecture designed specifically for autonomous systems is finally ready to receive these cars on the road.

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