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Who Should The Next Challenger In Smash Bros. Be?

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looming on the horizon of 2018, fans have a lot to look forward to. Newcomers to the series that have already been announced include Isabelle from Animal Crossing, King K. Rool from Donkey Kong, Ridley from Metroid, and a slew of Castlevania characters. This brings the total of unique characters up to 68… but is that where Nintendo is going to stop?Today, we’re going to take a look at some characters that fans have wanted in the games since the beginning.

Sora; Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts for Switch hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but we’ve always wanted to see Sora bring the magic of Disney and his Keyblade onto the battlegrounds of smash. Imagine being able to summon his Disney companions in the midst of battle, or doing epic Keyblade combos to finish off your opponent? It might never happen, but its definitely a pipe dream.

Waluigi; Mario Franchise
If Wario, the counterpart to Mario, gets a place in these games, why doesn’t Waluigi? He’s the bad version of Luigi, but is always an assist trophy instead of a playable character. This is probably due to Waluigi never having his own standalone game, but I’ve been a fan of him since Mario Party and Super Strikers, so we’d love to see him get some spotlight.

Crash Bandicoot
At least this guy has a game on the Switch! We could totally see Crash spinning, hopping, and tiki-masking his way through Smash Bros., since his silly character is a great tonal difference for how dark the game can get at some points.

Who would you love to see in a Super Smash Bros. game at some point in the future?