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Ways to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating

Laptops tend to get over heating form longer period of usage. But there are many ways with the help of which people can prevent their laptops from overheating. Over heating of laptop also affects the battery life and the performance of the laptop so it is important that proper care is taken. With the increased performance in the latest laptops, slimmer cases, multiple processors and advanced functionality, a negative factor also came into existence; heat.

Telltale signs that your laptop is overheated
Some important signs which tell that your laptop is overheated include:

  1. Your laptop takes too much time in starting up
  2. Fan constantly runs and makes loud shinning noises
  3. Your system may also freeze or hang on as a result of over heating
  4. Your laptop may crash while you are watching a video or playing a game. It may be too much to take if it is seriously over heated.

The laptops heat up with continuous usage. So what to do in order to avoid or prevent them from overheating? Listed below are a few helpful ways trough which over heating can be prevented:

Use a laptop cooling vent
There are now cooling vents and cooling mats available in the market which can be used to reduce the heat of the laptop. These cooling mats can be used under the laptops. As for the cooling vents, these are somewhat like fans which are connected via the USB port into the laptops and act as a cooling vent for the overheated laptops. It can be an amazing gift that you can give someone else as well. It works wonders. It cools down the overheated laptop quickly.

Pop up your laptop for increased air flow
Prop up your laptop against an egg carton, a book or even a cereal box will help in increasing the air flow around the laptop and will result in reduced heat. It actually works. And you will not have to buy any additional equipment to make it work.

Do not turn on the heater in the room
During winters or rainy season people use heaters to heat up the rooms. It acts as a catalyst for the already high running laptop processors. Avoid using laptops in rooms where the heater is on.

Take breaks
It is necessary to take breaks during your work. If you keep on working for a longer period of time it will not only be bad for you and your health but it will also affect the performance of your laptop. Taking breaks will effectively reduce the overheating of the laptop. And don’t just keep it on the standby mode when you are taking a break. Put it on the hibernation mode or switch it off. It will also affect the battery life.

Remove the laptop from power switch once it is fully charged
One of the worst things you can do to your laptops is keeping it switched to the power after the battery has been completely charged. This ruins the battery and over heats the laptop like no other thing can.