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New Smart Bowl Will Charge Multiple Devices at Once
By Andrew Reichenberg Posted in How To, News, Science on January 10, 2014


How cool would it be to drop your gadgets into a bowl and charge them without any of the guess work? No longer having to find this cord, that plug and a usable outlet sounds like a dream to most tech savvy people with far to many gadgets and scores of charging cords and docks.

Well thankfully Intel recently announced a smart bowl that will charge multiple devices at it’s 2014 CES keynote address. The bowl clocks in at about 10 inches in diameter and uses magnetic resonance technology, similar to what you’d find in a MRI.

But before you get too excited you should know that at the moment the Intel charging bowl only works and pairs with Intel’s recently announces smart headset…for now.

But no need to get flustered because the company does have plans on expanding the bowls ability to accommodate a wide array of devices.

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