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iPad Mini 4G Review
By Anthony Gonzales Posted in How To, Science on April 29, 2013

In this epoch of technology, where different gadgets are available at ease, iPad Mini 4G is one of those gadgets, which everyone wants to own as soon as possible. The reason is the magnificent features along with alluring and smart looks of this device. Many people thought at the time of its launch that this small device would not be able to cater the high-tech needs of tech savvy users. This proved wrong later on, when this 9.7 inches smart device gained popularity and became the most demanded travel-friendly electronic device.

Smart and Sleek iPad Mini 4G
iPad Mini 4G is full of such attributes that can attract the attention of any tech-savvy user. One of the best advantages of having this gadget is that it is smart and sleek as compared to other available devices, which make it easy to hold it in one hand and to take it anywhere the user wants.

Wi-Fi Availability
It is a fact that accessing internet has become the indispensable need of every student, professional, housewife, and other individuals, who are the part of this modern society. Due to the availability of Wi-Fi hotspot, now the users can access internet anytime they want, which means that now accessing emails, using navigation apps, streaming media files is just a piece of cake if you have iPad Mini 4G in your hand. Apart from this, this amazing device supports 5 Wi-Fi clients, which is an amazing facilitation, especially if you are travelling.

Hotspot Functionality
Another amazing feature of iPad Mini 4G is its hotspot functionality support, which is far better than standalone data card. It is true that these days, you will find every second smartphone, which is equipped with high-tech features, to support this function but surprisingly, no one of them can provide this support without compromising on the battery life. The best thing about iPad Mini 4G is that it supports hotspot functionality without compromising on battery life especially if you keep the display off.

A Device that Supports Realistic Usage
Battery life of all the modern gadgets is the real concern of the users. You will find many people involved in the frequent selling of the smart devices just because they are incapable of facilitating them for long. iPad Mini 4G is not one of those devices. It facilitates the user 19.5 hours with the fair usage of this device. The most surprising thing is that there is no limit set to the type of activities you can perform on this device whether it is about browsing, enjoying music, reading any e-book, messaging, emailing, or anything else the user wants to enjoy on his device. However, in case, you want to exceed the timings to 20 hours then you have to keep the display of the device off and its mobile hotspot mode on.

Affordable Access to High-tech Specs
iPad Mini 4G is not a device that is hard to purchase. You can buy the Wi-Fi model of iPad Mini just for $459 along with the services of AT&T and Verizon, as it supports the both. The package plans of both the service providers are as follows:

AT&T Services on Monthly Basis
250MB for $14.99
3GB for $30
5GB for $50

Verizon Services on Monthly Basis
1GB for $20
2GB for $30
5GB for $50

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