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How to Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last

One of the most persistent problems faced by people who make extensive use of their laptops is the lack of battery life. Given a specific period of time, the rechargeable battery slowly diminishes and you can do nothing about it except buy a new battery or opt for a new model. However, given that you properly care for your laptop there are several ways in which you could prolong its life.

These days, most laptop batteries come with lithium-ion batteries which are substantially better than their predecessors which were made of nickel cadmium. These were criticized harshly for their lack of power and quick drainage. The whole myth of “don’t let your battery power run all the way out” myth started off through these batteries. With lithium based batteries, it is preferable that you allow the batteries to run out of charge completely especially during the first two or three charge runs. After that though, it is better to be aware of the charge in your laptops batteries and to keep it plugged once you are out of charge.