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Despite Amazon’s Big Plans, The Feds Are Grounding The Drone Industry
By Andrew Reichenberg Posted in How To, News on December 16, 2013

When Jeffrey P. Bezos revealed to CBS’s Charlie Rose that was planning for a fleet of whirring octocopters to deliver packages door-to-door, the interview showcased a prototype drone rising lazily off the ground and floating across green, open fields to reach its destination.

Well that interview may be the closest we’ll every see those Amazon drones coming to reality. says in a few years, your orders will be delivered to your door by these drones! But before this happens, there’s a few (major) issues to be worked out.


For now, unmanned drones are effectively banned in the United States along with virtually all other commercial uses of unmanned aircrafts.

This is because the U.S. government has stalled in its efforts to regulate and manage the use of drones, a breakthrough technology fostered largely by the U.S. military.

As a result, nations including Europe and China are gaining an edge over the U.S. in yet another industry.

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