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Cloud Computing for Dummies
By Andrew Reichenberg Posted in Emerging Tech on October 17, 2013

Most of us who aren’t that up to date on what’s happening in the IT industry or the computer world in general, do not know what the term ‘cloud computing’ means. Nevertheless, you need to know what the term implies as it is something which is bringing some major change in how we store our data. Put into very plain words, cloud computing is when you can access all your documents and applications from anywhere in world. How is this possible? Well, cloud computing lets you store data online using third party resources so that the pictures, documents and applications are accessible to you whenever you wish. With cloud computing, you have the freedom of storing all your information in a ‘cloud’ instead of an individual computer or laptop. This cloud computing enables users to do things that weren’t even imaginable 10 years ago. There are endless benefits of cloud computing and a few are discussed below.

  • Perhaps the first benefit that you get from cloud computing is that you get your hands on unlimited storage capacity. This of course is not the case with computers that have only limited storage. Your computer may have a lot of storage, but it is nothing compared to the hundreds of Petabytes that are available on in the cloud.
  • Perhaps the worst nightmare any laptop or desktop owner has is that of losing his entire work because of a crash, a virus or something else. Cloud computing saves you and your valuable data from being destroyed. You can count of the cloud to keep your data safe and away from any harm.
  • With this superb technology, you will never have to depend on a particular computer or network again. The information you stored is available online and so you can connect with it using any desktop PC and network. Change as many times as you like, the document will always be available to you no matter where you are.
  • Today, the internet is all about sharing and collaboration, and that is something that cloud computing makes all the more easy. Using this method, you and the members of your team will no longer need to have individual folders on their pc. Instead, all you need to do is to store the folder on the cloud and it will be available to everyone to access.
  • Now looking at this from the point of view of the computer, let’s look at how it benefits your system as well. First of all, as mentioned, if you want to store big chunks of information on your desktop, you will need a very expensive hard drive and processor. Because software runs on the cloud, you do not need to install in from a CD or DVD. So, cloud sourcing or computing lets you save a lot as well.
  •  Finally, when you do not have a clutter of documents, pictures and software on your hard drive, you have a faster and smoother computer which runs like it was new.

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