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Buying a Laptop? Things to Look For In It

With everyone owning a laptop and flaunting it nowadays, getting one for yourself is of high priority. You thought buying a laptop was only about deciding the brand and the budget. But you were wrong. With so many models and brands and specifications it seems a herculean task. Do not worry. This simple guide will help you to choose the right laptop for yourself.

What type of user are you?

Before you select a brand or model, it is essential to know the purpose behind getting a laptop. If you are a student, portability and low price are your main criteria. On the other hand, if you travel a lot and require it for official work, your requirements are entirely different. You need a robust system with high-end features. Keeping your requirements in mind, you should select the laptop. Here are the primary things that you must check before finalizing your choice.

The operating system

There is no need to teach you the importance of the operating system. Microsoft’s operating systems are most commonly installed in laptops. The problem is which one to go for. If you have future demands in mind and will use your laptop for office and have to work in a client-server environment it is better to go for a business operating system like Windows XP professional. It is always better to be prepared for future requirements than spending money on upgrades later on.


How much is sufficient for your laptop depends primarily on the operating system you have. For Windows Vista you require minimum of 2 GB of RAM. This will make sure that you run all the applications smoothly like opening multiple Office applications and surfing the web.


Most models that you see in advertisements do not mention the CPU. Always remember that a lot depends on it though. Otherwise you may end up with a laptop that takes 10 minutes to boot and cannot support the applications you want to use.Getting Intel’s Core 2 Duo CPU is the best option for maximizing the performance of your device.


There is a high chance that you will not check the number of ports your laptop has before buying and end up feeling cheated. Budget laptops often do not contain the ports you may require. It is better to check the technical specifications before making the final decision.


If you are into synchronizing your mobile devices with the laptop you should check for Bluetooth technology.

Apart from these, check for battery life and screen size and also track pads. By keeping these points in mind, buying a laptop will not seem a difficult task for you.