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Be Unique and built your own website
By Jason Korwek Posted in Emerging Tech on September 26, 2013

These days everyone wants to create and launch a website for businesses, services, products and personal sites etc. There are different tools and free website making sites that are available online. Any person with no or basic website creating skills can create wonderful websites. These days it is not a big thing for a person to create a website. All that it takes to create a website include good searching skills to find the right site and a few steps as tutorial, which can be easily accessed through YouTube. Apart from these free websites which help people to design their websites there are some traits and tips which every designer should consider before creating a website. Following are some of the key concerns which are defined in order to create and launch an interesting and unique website.

Keep Target Audience in Mind
It is always important to keep in mind those individuals for whom you are designing a website. Keeping them in mind, a person can come up with some great ideas which are generated by keeping target audience in mind. It always helps and makes a person build simple to browse and easy to understand website. After all, at the end of the day it’s only about the target market. The better they are served in terms of fulfilling their satisfaction the more are chances that the website will be a success.

Make Headlines Prominent
There are times when a website is full of information and the information is not limited to only one subject or field. For such websites, it must be kept into consideration that visitor must not get confused by the size of information. To make it simple and easy to access, it is advised to create simple headings which are both prominent and easy to locate. This helps visitors to find information about multiple things easily and without getting confused. Headlines should be prominent and properly visible.

Selection of Pictures / Images
A picture says thousand words. It is of great importance to select relevant and accurate pictures and images which define the main message of the site. There are many free websites from where images can be downloaded after filling a registration form. This makes it easier for the individual to select good images both in terms of quality and relevance.

Start With a Blank Page
Just like a painter or an artist who starts to draw on a fresh and blank canvas, a website should also be designed in same format. The designer should keep his canvas clean before creating a website. There are so many ideas which pop up in a human mind and all those ideas are worth creating. This helps people to select from a range of choices and ideas created by the designer.

Be Creative
Creativity is the key for making a unique website. Without creativity a website looks dull and not so attractive. Everyone wants to see something different or slightly different in a website. It all depends upon the creativity of the designer to impress his visitors.

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