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This Robot Is More Athletic Than You
By Josh Harlow Posted in Emerging Tech, Science on July 9, 2018

MIT researchers have developed what may now be considered the scariest, most athletic robot in the history of bionics. Guaranteed it could beat me at a track meet any day.

Meet the Cheetah 3, a new, state-of-the-art BLIND robot that uses algorithms to make calculations 20 times a second for each of its four legs. This form of high-speed decision making allows it to quickly reverse, change directions, and continue to push forward through some of the most difficult obstacles. These include, stairs, obstacles, and most impressively, it can leap onto tables all by itself.

While most developmental robot prototypes are designed with cameras and sensors to move around, Cheetah 3 needs no such thing. He can even re-stabilize after a hard push trying to knock him over, meaning his strength and stability is way beyond the capabilities of most previous prototypes.

So what’s the goal of developing a robot that sounds like something out of a children’s nightmare? Researchers and developers want the Cheetah 3 to be able to perform the dangerous tasks we currently have human workers partake in, specifically power plant inspections, so that no human life is lost while doing these necessary, yet life-risking tasks.

Oh, and one last thing for some nightmare fuel. Even if you break one of its legs, its still going to chase after you. Cheetah 3 don’t need four legs. Cheetah 3 does what it wants.

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