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This Phone Fell 1,000 Feet and Its Screen Didn’t Break

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How durable do you think your phone is?

According to a study conducted in 2015, accidentally breaking your phone is actually much easier than you think. Four of the most common reasons include dropping your phone from your hand, spilling liquid on your phone or dropping it in water, your phone dropping out of your lap, and your phone getting knocked off the table. All of these may be accidents, but the running trend is this: they all involve your phone dropping somewhere.

So how exactly did a phone manage to drop from 1000 feet high without sustaining any serious damages?

In  2017, a man accidentally dropped his Samsung phone from an aircraft as it hit major turbulence. The phone fell on a garden, where two gardeners picked it up by accident. According to the reports, the phone didn’t receive any noticeable damage from the fall, even if it fell from a thousand feet up in the sky.

Many people immediately expressed their disbelief, saying that it was probably a staged commercial made to look like a real accident. However, a recent report explains how the fall could’ve been possible. Apparently, although phone screens are extremely vulnerable, they tend to break only when falling on a vulnerable zone, such as corners. The fact that the phone fell into a garden makes the story more plausible, as the amount of grass could’ve softened the impact to almost nothing.

Until now, nobody knows if the video was indeed staged or not. All we know is that if there’s one thing you can do to lessen the chance of you having to replace your phone ahead of schedule, it’s this: don’t drop your phone!