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This ‘Indestructible’ Notepad Can Work Underwater
By Jean Santiago Posted in Emerging Tech, News on January 11, 2019

A Ukrainian start-up company has invented a really special notepad with a unique selling point that can be described in just one word: indestructible.

The ‘Nuka’ notepad was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019. It can withstand pretty much anything– including the traditional notepads’ most terrible enemy, water. You can go swimming with this notepad and it’s guaranteed not to sustain any damage, especially not with the ‘ink’. There’s no risk of bleeding or smudging here whatsoever, as the notepad isn’t exactly made of regular paper.

It also comes with a special pen, though you can use a traditional pen on it if you want to, which is a pretty nice touch. However, it’s paired with a blunt pen that will never run out of ink, unlike an actual ballpoint pen or graphite pencil. Its pen doesn’t have any ink; instead, it works through a chemical reaction with the paper. You can even erase it with a special liquid and it will hardly leave any marks.

As of now, the start-up is still making a few changes and improving the Nuka as a whole. After all, there are still a few things that need to be upgraded before it can be shipped off to consumers, but right now it’s looking pretty good.

The Nuka will be available for $60 once it’s released.

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