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The OGarden Smart Can Care for 90 Plants At Once

A home garden is a great way to give yourself a steady stream of free fruits and veggies, not to mention bring a little greenery into your daily life. Owning a garden, however, presents two prime problems: time investment and space. You need to keep to a schedule of watering, sunning, and replacing soil, or every plant in the garden could go rotten. If you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of lawn space, you’ll need to dedicate a large chunk of your living space to a somewhat dirt-heavy endeavor. It can be a little unpleasant, and the veggies don’t always make up for it. If you want something a little easier to use, try the OGarden Smart.

The OGarden Smart, first product of startup OGarden, is a new breed of smart tech home garden. Despite taking up little wall space, this mysterious little Ferris wheel can maintain up to 60 different plants of varying types, plus an additional 30 sprouting plants in a nursery cabinet beneath. Water is gradually doled out to all plants in the wheel through an irrigation system beneath the nursery, and automatic low-energy LED provides your little ones with sun-grade light at regular intervals. The water only needs to be refilled once a week; once that’s done and dusted, just sit back and enjoy the view, no gardening gloves required.

OGarden first launched the Smart’s campaign on Kickstarter on February 12th, where it met it’s fundraising goal of $15,195 within six minutes. At time of writing, the campaign has raised $579,563 with 13 days still left on the clock. If you’re interested in backing, check out the campaign here, but whether you do or not, OGarden is shooting for a commercial release in May 2019.

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