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The Halloween Asteroid Returns Just in Time

Back in 2015, an asteroid flew across the night sky. Now, this wouldn’t usually be big news, but as it happens, this celestial object, codenamed “2015 TB145,” was the spitting image of a human skull. Not only that, it passed us by on October 31st of that year, smack dab in the prime of spooky season. This is how it gained its nickname, the “Halloween Asteroid.”

Today, it was discovered that TB145 will be returning this year, this time on November 11th. A bit of a belated Halloween treat, but we can’t expect asteroids to be punctual. It’ll be passing the planet from 24 million miles away, a far cry from its 302,000 mile close shave in 2015. After this appearance on November 11th, the Halloween Asteroid is not estimated to return to Earth’s skyline again until 2088, so if you want to see it, now’s the time, even if you have to put Halloween off a couple of weeks.

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