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The Best Virtual Reality Headsets You Can Buy Right Now

Interested in getting into virtual reality? A list of VR headsets from Digital Trends may help you decide which one is the best for you. It depends mainly on your budget and your purpose for buying, but these are pretty safe choices if you’re new to VR headsets. Here are two of the best items on their list!

Oculus Go

Dubbed by Digital Trends as the “best mobile VR headset”, the Oculus Go is a well-designed, comfortable, and easy-to-use VR headset perfect for those who are merely satisfying their curiosity with virtual reality. It’s also a standalone VR headset, which means it doesn’t require a mobile phone or a computer to power it. Best of all, the Oculus Go is only $200. Not a huge dent in one’s pockets if ever you decide you don’t fancy VR after all.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is on the top of Digital Trends’ list and it’s a fan-favorite as well. The HTC Vive is very easy to set-up and to control. Design-wise, it’s also very impressive. Unlike the Oculus Go, the HTC Vive allows its users to stand up, walk, and jump to their hearts’ contents while playing games. Digital Trends describes the system as something that looks like “a device pulled straight out of the future”, and we have to say that we agree. For just $500, you can get a fully immersive experience with the HTC Vive.

You can view the whole list here.

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