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The tech and gaming holiday deals are upon us. Even if you missed out on Black Friday, there’s still stuff going all throughout the month. If you’re into PC gaming, for instance, the Steam Winter Sale will be on December 20th this year, or at least that’s what the obligatory leaked dates say. Try to stick to your wishlist; don’t just buy a game because it’s five bucks, or you’ll end up with a bunch of random tat in your library that you’ll never actually play.

Even without sales, some big games are coming out this month. If you’ve got a Switch, you probably already have a pre-order for ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.’ I know I do, and I will be the grumpiest Gus in the known universe on Friday until I can go home and play it. Kirby Smashers represent.

And then, of course, even when the holidays have passed, we still have ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ in January, the one game that is making me heavily consider throwing conservative spending to the wind and buying a PS4. Don’t be like me, kids.

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