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Tech Gadgets You Need In Your Life ASAP

Ah, I love the smell of technology in the morning. A lot of the tech giants are pursuing the same goals right now. This year has been mostly about home assistants, wearable tech, and game consoles.

The new Amazon Echo came out not too long ago, and with Amazon’s upcoming line of wi-fi connected outlets, Alexa can link up to just about anything that you can plug into a wall. I’ve heard people jokingly call robots toasters, but now your toaster can become a robot. Is that ironic? It feels ironic. Anyway, the new Apple Watch is another recent release, with all sorts of little ease-of-life improvements, as well as practical application as a heart monitor. Whether or not you need a heart monitor is obviously a circumstantial thing, but it’s neat either way. And, of course, it’s been a great year for gaming. I’ve had a Nintendo Switch for almost a year on the dot now, and I’ve loved nearly every minute of it. It’s such a free-form console; you can play it as a handheld, on a TV, with a controller, with the Joy Cons, or whatever other way floats your boat.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and every progressive step it makes gets us closer to having robots as best friends. C’mon, engineers, get on it. I wanna hug a robot.

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