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Take a Look At The New Emojis Of 2019

Ever wanted to communicate to your friends exactly what you’re feeling using emojis but can’t because there simply isn’t anything that can match what you’re looking for?

Enter Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization that oversees internet texts and makes sure that everything is up to standard. The organization has recently posted an updated list of new emojis, consisting of 59 new options and a whole variety of options. Nothing major, just 230 new variations, after all.

The new emojis are meant to emphasize inclusivity, which means that plenty of them will have something to do with promoting one’s self-identity, regardless of what that may be. According to NY Times, “people will soon be able to create a “holding hands” emoji to reflect their own relationship, selecting for the skin color and gender identity of each individual. Other options include emojis showing a hearing aid, prosthetic limbs, sign language, a cane or a wheelchair.”

Other emojis include animals, food, and emotions such as a sloth, an otter, a falafel, a waffle, and a yawning face. There’s also going to be a white heart, a sari, and a one-piece bathing suit.

Both Google and Apple are happy to oblige with the new emojis. A Google representative has sent the message that the company is hoping to release the new designs soon, while an Apple representative says that the new emojis would be helpful in helping people express themselves and show support for their loved ones. This is especially true for accessibility emojis, which are meant to “foster a diverse culture that is inclusive of disability”.