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Take A Look At The Hottest Gadgets At Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress 2019 is now underway, and it’s showing us a whole bunch of blazing hot new technology for the year. The majority of the themes at this year’s MWC revolve around virtual reality, AI, and 5G technology.

Aside from the foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei, some of the other marvels at the MWC come from LG, who have just unveiled their new line of flagship phones.

LG also showed off its AirMotion feature, which lets users control the phone without having to touch the phone itself. The feature is extremely useful for those who take their phone with them in the shower, or for those who would like to use their phones while doing things that can get their hands dirty, for example. Another feature is the HandID, which makes use of the owner’s biometrics in order to open the phone in a secure and safe manner.

Microsoft also revealed the augmented reality device HoloLens, which was involved in a bit of a controversy recently. For now, it’s only available for professional use, but Microsoft is planning to release the device to the public eventually.

Some of the other gadgets include a robot that can play the piano, a robot that can make coffee automatically, and robots that are part of a dance troupe. Visitors also got a glimpse of a robot that is planned to be “self-repairing.” All of these robots are created by German manufacturer Infineon Technologies.