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This Robot Can Pick Up More Than 260 Items Per Hour

This robot can pick up objects it hasn’t seen before by looking at them through a 3-D camera.

It assesses what would be the best point of contact based on its previous experience with lifting similar objects. The system, called Dex-Net, is being developed at UC Berkeley. With its left hand, the robot can grab objects and with its right hand, it can suck objects up. Using deep learning, the robot can decide […]

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Shoe Technology Is Taking Off

These products are doing a good job of bringing the future right to your feet.

Technology is no longer in the dark ages. We have the ability, and have been innovating ways, to bring technology into many facets of our daily lives. Whether it’s your smart thermostat in your house, the robots par-oozing the Walmart aisles or the watch on your wrist that reminds you to breathe, technology is everywhere. […]

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NASA On The Hunt For New Planets

A new telescope is being used to help NASA on its search for new and uncharted planets.

NASA’s latest mission is to deploy a new space telescope to help find new planets. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will launch come April 16th. The launch will mark the beginning of a two-year mission. For the first sixty days prior to this two-year mission, the TESS will undergo tests and adjustments. TESS will […]

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Top Spring Tech Picks To Simplify Your Life

Spring has finally sprung! With that being said, we have some top tech picks for you that will simplify your life just in time for the new season: Screen Protector Okay, let’s face it. Everyone has broken their phone screens at one point or another…..and if you haven’t, chances are you will at some point. […]

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Amazon Echo Dot VS. Google Home Mini - Which Should You Buy?

There is a growing market for smart speakers or voice activated home assistants. The first one to come along was the Amazon Echo, followed by the Google Home. However, their price tag made them more difficult to sell. This forced both companies to release smaller and cheaper versions of their home assistants. Amazon came out […]

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This Umbrella Protects You From Rain With Air, Lasts 30 Minutes

  The days of flimsy umbrellas may be gone! Vanessa Freeman (@VanessaFreeTV) shows you the Kickstarter project that is trying to make the Air Umbrella.

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What's in a View? Tech Companies Disagree on the Metric

Tech companies can’t seem to agree on what counts as a video view, but that’s not a problem for Snapchat, which captivates the teen audience.

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Can This Robot Ski Better Than You?

  Autonomous snow skiing robots are the future, and the future looks adorable. Watch Jennifer, a little humanoid robot made by the University of Manitoba’s Autonomous Agents Laboratory, take some turns on the slopes.

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5 Stylish Surge Protectors

  Your surge protector doesn’t need to be an ugly, utilitarian brick. Just sayin’. 1. Quirky Pickup Power: $100 to $130 2. Quirky Pivot Power Genius: $60 3. Accell Power Squid: $25 to $35 4. Invisiplug: $16 to $25 5. Leviton T5280-I: $32

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No Joke. You Can't Steal One-Liners on Twitter Anymore

  One Twitter user claimed copyright infringement after her tweet was copied and reposted. Twitter’s response to her claim might have set a precedent.

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