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External Hard Drives

For people who use their computers to view and save multi-media files and data, the space on the hard drive usually is not sufficient for storage and the easiest solution to store vast amounts of data is to purchase an external hard drive.  An external hard drive is a much more efficient way than USB […]

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All about hardware and lost data

Data can be lost from an information system due to several reasons. It could be due to negligence, corrupt system, system failure or sudden loss of power when transferring or processing data. Whatever the reason of data loss, it should be prevented and avoided at all cost. Systems should be upgraded and checked on regular […]

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Cloud Computing for Dummies

Most of us who aren’t that up to date on what’s happening in the IT industry or the computer world in general, do not know what the term ‘cloud computing’ means. Nevertheless, you need to know what the term implies as it is something which is bringing some major change in how we store our data. Put […]

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Storing Data in The Cloud: A Good Idea?

While the term “cloud storage” sounds very high-tech, it can be a rather intimidating expression for those of us who are not good with technological stuff, it’s basically something quite simple.  Cloud storage is just a fancy way of saying you can store your data and files online rather than on your computer.    The concept […]

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All About Selecting the Best Memory Card

SD cards, which are also known as Secure Digital cards have become a necessity in the fast moving world of today. In simple words, an SD card is something which stores your valuable data (audio, video, documents etc) for you and is more or less portable. There are literally thousands of memory cards that are […]

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A Guide to Buying a New Internal Hard Drive

Whether you are just wishing to upgrade the hard drive of your PC or you’re a real computing enthusiast who’s assembling a customized computer at home, the variety of internal hard drives available on the market can be a little bewildering.  Here are a few tips to make purchasing that new hard drive a little […]

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What should I look for in an USB flash drive?

What is a flash drive? A flash drive is also commonly known as a thumb drive. A flash drive or a thumb drive is an external storage device which is removable. It can be plugged in the USB port of a computer, laptop or a tablet PC. The usage of a flash drive is similar […]

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