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What Is Dogspotting And Why Are People So Angry About It?

  A Facebook group created for posting pictures of random dogs is being accused of tyranny across the Internet. You may have never heard of it, but “Dogspotting” is one of the Internet’s most popular sports. With the institution of a new, strict set of rules, it’s also becoming very controversial. Kind of. The Rules: […]

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Facebook Responds To Negative Reactions To Its Experiment On Users

  The furor surrounding Facebook’s decision to conduct an experiment that secretly manipulated the News Feed of some users to study emotion contagion reached a peak this weekend, with many calling the act creepy at best, and downright unethical at worst. And as it turns out Facebook is facing more than just user backlash following […]

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Facebook Can Predict With Scary Accuracy If Your Relationship Will Last

  With 1.23 billion users in all the flavors and up-and-down stages of romantic relationships, Facebook knows a thing or two about love. Facebook let us in on something creepy. With the mountains of data it has on its members, Facebook has a pretty good idea if a romantic relationship between two people on the […]

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Facebook Paper Got Its First Big Update Today, But Is Anyone Using It?

  Here’s a shocker: Facebook’s first major update to Paper , its socially-augmented news-reading app , makes it more social. Specifically, the app’s 1.1 update now allows users to comment on posts using photos, added birthday and event notifications and tacked on an unread-message counter to help users keep track of Group activity. Facebook says […]

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