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This Robot Can Pick Up More Than 260 Items Per Hour

This robot can pick up objects it hasn’t seen before by looking at them through a 3-D camera.

It assesses what would be the best point of contact based on its previous experience with lifting similar objects. The system, called Dex-Net, is being developed at UC Berkeley. With its left hand, the robot can grab objects and with its right hand, it can suck objects up. Using deep learning, the robot can decide […]

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A Robot to Replace Parents

  Robots can do many things these days but can it replace parents? One South Korean electronics company says Atti can do some things better than mommy and daddy. Atti was created to help enhance the “edu-tainment” content available to your children through electronic devices. No, the Atti cannot actually provide any real substitute for […]

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Can This Robot Ski Better Than You?

  Autonomous snow skiing robots are the future, and the future looks adorable. Watch Jennifer, a little humanoid robot made by the University of Manitoba’s Autonomous Agents Laboratory, take some turns on the slopes.

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New Robots Look Creepily Human

  Is it woman or is it machine?…well this time it’s kind of hard to tell. The new robot guides at a Tokyo museum look so eerily human and speak so smoothly they almost outdo people — almost. Japanese robotics expert Hiroshi Ishiguro, an Osaka University professor, says they will be useful for research on […]

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Why Is a Robot Hitchhiking Across Canada?

  Robots have been up to a lot lately, but this next pastime is a new one… as far as we know. Most of us tend to shy away from hitchhikers – but would you pick up a robot? Watch the video to find out more about the hitching robot making its way through Canada!

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Computer Fools Humans, Passes Turing Test For First Time

  The realm of computer-to-human intellect just bridged a small gap recently! For the first time ever, a computer has successfully convinced people into thinking it’s an actual human in the iconic “Turing Test.”  

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Pole Dancing Robots Are Technological Strippers

  What’s more expensive than a lap dance? A strip show from a $40,000 German-developed robot. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. In Hanover, Germany, the host city for the CeBIT conference, a company called Tobit Software has captured the crowd’s imagination with a pole-dancing robot. With all of the technological advancements in robotics, […]

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