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NASA On The Hunt For New Planets

A new telescope is being used to help NASA on its search for new and uncharted planets.

NASA’s latest mission is to deploy a new space telescope to help find new planets. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will launch come April 16th. The launch will mark the beginning of a two-year mission. For the first sixty days prior to this two-year mission, the TESS will undergo tests and adjustments. TESS will […]

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Astronaut Captures Spacewalk on GoPro

  Breathtaking GoPro footage has revealed what it’s like to spacewalk outside the International Space Station.In February, NASA astronautsBarry “Butch” Wilmore and Terry Virts completed an EVA outside the ISS to reconfigure the exterior of a satellite. The astronauts took along a GoPro camera, which allowed them to capture the out-of-this-world experience — and some […]

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Mars One Medical Officer: 'It Has to Be Your Calling'

Before the candidates can make Mars their home, they’ll first have to go through an extensive training period: learning skills they will need for their journey and for life on the red planet.

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Advanced Telescope Lets NASA See Inside Supernovas

  Cassiopeia A was a star more than eight times the mass of our sun before it exploded in the cataclysmic, fiery death astronomers call a supernova. And thanks to NASA space telescopes, scientists are learning more than ever about exactly how it happened. The new technology is cluing in scientists to a radioactive element […]

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Facebook Planning To Use Drones To Spread Internet

  Did you know that 2/3rds of the people in the world don’t have access to the internet? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is looking to change that! Facebook announced an ambitious new project that will use drones to deliver Internet access to those in underdeveloped parts of the world. Zuckerberg announced the next step in […]

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